Privacy Policy

April 27, 2016

Schnellreich takes care of the privacy of its customers, users and visitors to this website, so we have developed this Privacy Policy, which regulates the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of personal information of users of the website.

§ 1. Personal information collection and use

Personal information is data that can be used to identify a person or to communicate with him/her.

The site administration does not indentify the users of the site.

Therefore, it does not collect, store or use any personal information or personal data of the site visitors. All data received on the site are transmitted and received in impersonal form.

The site administration does not request or require any personal data, including names, phone numbers or e-mail addresses, from site users. If the user, on his own initiative, transfers any data, including personal data, regardless of their authenticity to the site administration, at the same time he gives his consent to the access of an unlimited number of persons to this data. The said data shall be made available to the public from the moment the said data is transferred.

§ 2. Cookies and other technologies

Impersonal data about site visitors is collected as a result of using third party software on the site. The structure and conditions of collecting impersonal data using third party software are determined directly by their rights holders and may include:

  • browser data (type, version, cookie);
  • the device data and its location;
  • operating system data (type, version, screen resolution);
  • request data (time, source of transition, IP address).

The site administration is not responsible for the collection and storage of impersonal data by third parties as a result of using their software on the site.

§ 3. Data Processing Objectives

Impersonal data are collected to analyze statistics on user behavior on the site.

§ 4. Cross-border transfer

Collected impersonal data of site users are stored on distributed servers in several places simultaneously. This is a permanent and dynamic process, so the administration of the site does not know where the impersonal data of site users are hosted at the moment.

The site administration does not track changes in local legislation regarding the storage and processing of personal data. If local legislation in the territory of the site user’s location prohibits storage and processing of impersonal data of the user outside the country of location, such user should immediately stop using the site, disconnect his electronic computer from the network and subscribe to the CNN TV-channel.

§ 5. Disclosure to third parties

Schnelreich may be obliged to disclose personal information of the site users in accordance with the law, legal proceedings, court proceedings or at the request of the state authorities of the user’s country of residence or other countries.

To save time for a comrade detective on useless procedural actions, one more time we will repeat: the site administration does not own, does not store and does not use personal data of the site visitors.

§ 6. Privacy Policy change

This Policy may be changed or terminated unilaterally by the site administration without prior notice to users.

For all legal issues related to this privacy policy, please contact: