New financial service: supply chains factoring

LVRG Investment Group launches in test mode factoring service for suppliers of local and federal retail chains and largest federal distributors.

The factoring is a financial instrument, which allows the supplier to receive advance payments under contracts with a grace period and protection from the buyer’s risk of non-payment.

“Recently, we see a liquidity deficit among vendors and suppliers of the largest chains, so we decided to offer such a service to the market”, commented the news in LVRG. “For now we limit the work with chains known to us personally. But in case of successful launch, we plan to expand the geography and number of partners to cover financial risks.”

If you are a client of SCH.EMA, you can get the terms and conditions of factoring service from your manager.

LVRG is an investment syndicate created for resource support and financing of SME projects from b2b sector and high-tech early stage start-ups from traditional markets.

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