Bridge Protocol New Instruments: THB and KRW

The protocol for secure exchange of digital assets Bridge introduced new instruments: Thai Baht (THB) and Korean Won (KRW).

‚ÄúThe guarantee of¬†the most modern infrastructure that meets all the requirements of¬†a¬†modern entrepreneur is¬†the first priority of¬†our service. Local currencies of¬†Thailand and South Korea are trusted by¬†domestic agents engaged in¬†foreign economic activity. And we¬†cannot ignore the convenience and comfort of¬†our clients from these regions,‚ÄĚ Protocol administrators commented on¬†the news.

Bridge Protocol is a network of authorized agents that since 2017 provide brokerage services for buying/selling digital assets around the world. Transactions and allied processes are executed in compliance with the security protocol of the same name.

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