Booom: a new vision of the loyalty system

SafeLabs, in cooperation with the SCH.EMA team and with financial support from LVRG Ventures, started working on a new loyalty system Booom.

“We spent about a year studying this issue, got a look at successful foreign practices and analyzed the causes of failures of local stories that were loud once. Finally, we came to the conclusion that the approach, technology and system of working with audience loyalty in mass markets has not changed for decades“,  Dmitry Shnelreich commented on the event. “Each of us has a dusty collection of cards from hundreds of stores at home, but it does not bring happiness and convenience to either us or merchants. Although, hundreds of billions of rubles are spent in Russia annually to maintain the efficiency of all this junk. We are confident that our technological knowledge and new approaches to organizing and distributing businesses will breathe new life into this all-forgotten market“.

“We intend to make this market transparent”, added Alexey Savchenko, SCH.EMA’s Head of Technology Markets. “To implement this plan, we, in the Scheme, have at least one unfair advantage: many years of experience working with local retailers and established relationships with hundreds of merchants and integrators across the country. And we are going to take benefit of this advantage!“

The company started to work on the alpha version of the product. The beta-testing is scheduled for autumn 2020. The partners decided to keep the financial parameters of the deal confidential.

SafeLabs is an IT-company, which is engaged in development of startups and high loaded systems and services. The technology stack consists of both traditional tools, as well as decentralized networks and computing machines.

SCH.EMA operates in the market since 2006 and provides services to manufacturers and vendors to enter new markets and build new distribution chains.

LVRG Ventures is a venture capital division of LVRG investment group. The group specializes in financing b2b, SME and high-tech startups operating in traditional markets.

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