Three years of Bridge Protocol’s impeccable work

Today, we celebrate three years without any bug or incident in the Bridge secure digital asset exchange protocol.

“It’s no secret that our operating principles may seem too conservative to some,” one of the protocol’s backers toasted. “And perhaps because we were too vigilant, we missed out on a number of interesting clients along the way. But looking back at the graveyard of former competitors who indiscriminately entered into any deal in the pursuit of quick profits, it seems that our reliance on minimizing risks and building the proper infrastructure continues to bear fruit. And now I would like to announce that all of our efforts are now focused on maximizing the capitalization of our expertise.”

Bridge Protocol is a network of authorized agents that since 2017 provide brokerage services for buying/selling digital assets around the world. Transactions and allied processes are executed in compliance with the security protocol of the same name.

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