Bridge Protocol gained a strategic partner and moved to Zurich

Bridge Protocol Secure Digital Asset Exchange announced a strategic partnership with Custodigit AG, a digital competence center for Swiss institutional investors, and relocated to Zurich. Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

From now on, the administration of the protocol in its activities will be guided by the Swiss regulation on the circulation of digital assets. Agents in other countries continue to operate in accordance with local regulations.

“Security and privacy are the two pillars on which the Swiss banking system has stood. And while in the case of the fiduciary U.S. dollar, anonymity was banned, in respect of digital assets, including due to their technical features, the issue of privacy is left to users,” the partners commented on the news for the official press release.

Bridge Protocol is a network of authorized agents that since 2017 provide brokerage services for buying/selling digital assets around the world. Transactions and allied processes are executed in compliance with the security protocol of the same name.

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