Suspended work in the Crimea

Due to geopolitical events have suspended work in the Republic of Crimea (or what is it officially called now?).

All clients and partners of the agency have agreed that this is a force majeure situation. No new contracts related to this territory will be signed until the situation is clarified and appropriate internal decisions are made.

“We should say that not to work in the region — this is not a political decision,” commented the head of the agency Dmitry Schnellreich. “The issue is solely in the legal field: until it is clear what jurisdiction with respect to international law the territory is in, how payments are made, where one can apply for the protection of their rights and interests — the question stands on pause. I suggest that we should not be guided by political rhetoric, but rather consider the behavior of public companies as a signal for the reopening. When Russian Sberbank opens branches in Crimea, when Russian telecom providers start operating and when Aeroflot launches direct flights, we will immediately launch our Crimean office. But in the meantime, even the state-owned companies are working there through the pads — we can’t take those risks.”

Schnellreich Agency was founded in Kaliningrad in 2006. The main activity is the promotion of retail and wholesale trade, sales consulting, advertising services, corporate and advertising design.

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