Yay! A new sales agency on the market!

As a result of mergers and acquisitions, joining forces, separations, disputes and entreaties, friendly meetings and conflicts, perturbations, transformations, modifications and variations, reformations, disorder and confusion, an unorganized group of fellows engaged in the sales of different groups of FMCG products in the Kaliningrad market has finally decided to self-organize.

We could probably say about ourselves:

  • that today we are the strongest team of experts in the city on distribution and increase sales of consumer goods;
  • that we know almost every category manager in the regional retail chains; or those who know the right category managers; or who you have to talk through to get your product on the shelf;
  • that we work with the best promoters, advertisers, analysts, PR managers, and other fellows from our region; that each of us has experience in major local and international companies in sales and promotion of someone or something; in addition, there is not a single graduate marketing scientist among us;
  • that all of our proposals fit on one page, and there is in addition to the answer to the question “WHAT must be done”, there is also a “HOW” section.

And we also can speak the language of career managers and marketers, if you need it:

when defining a differentiating idea and developing a market behavior strategy, we, more than anyone else, focus on such positioning elements as core evaluative factors, psychological motives and roles, objective effects… blah, blah, blah…

But we prefer to speak and act simply. So let’s keep it simple about ourselves, too:


And, paying tribute to the land of Königsberg, the name was invented accordingly —

Let’s meet each other!

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Media Hotline:
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