Meet Pavel Skvortsov

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CCO, co-founder Schnellreich Agency and sales consultant

Pavel started his sales career in Yaroslavl in 2002 at local FMCG distributors. In 2005 he took the position of Key Account Manager at MARS in the Yaroslavl region.

Since 2008 he has been working at P&G headquarters as deputy director of the network channels. Since 2009 advises producers on key account work.

Pavel has helped and mentored the agency since 2007, and joined in 2009. At the agency Pavel is building relationships with retail chains and passing on his knowledge to our clients.

You can learn from Pavel the details of working with distributors and retail chains in different regions, in different product categories, and the secrets of negotiating with them.

Pavel has a technical-analytical mindset, which is unusual for a sales position. But because of this, his approach to sales allows you to look at the process from a new, more rational angle.

Schnellreich Agency was founded in Kaliningrad in 2006. The main activity is the promotion of retail and wholesale trade, sales consulting, advertising services, corporate and advertising design.

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