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Bridge Protocol is a network of authorized agents that since 2017 provide brokerage services for buying/selling digital assets around the world. Transactions and allied processes are executed in compliance with the security protocol of the same name.

Bridge + Booom = ‚̧ԳŹ Three years of¬†Bridge Protocol‚Äôs impeccable work ‚ėÖBridge moves to¬†shipping Bridge Protocol New Instruments: THB and KRW New Bridge Protocol service: AMM for digital liquidity Karma Has Got Two EU¬†Licenses For The Crypto-Fiat Exchange And Crypto Wallet Bridge Protocol New Instrument: EUR ‚ėÖBridge Protocol gained a¬†strategic partner and moved to¬†Zurich Bridge Protocol New Instruments: CHF and USD Secure exchange of¬†fiat and digital assets launched Bridge Protocol A¬†new digital asset tool: Overnight Canceled limits on¬†digital assets available for transactions ‚ėÖCryptocurrency exchange launched