Everything became a Well Spring School agency

The design studio has grown out of its teenage pants and is taking under its wing the parent business of sales consulting. No one planned this. It happened all by itself.

The incident happened accidentally while dealing with an unexpectedly large flow of incoming requests.

“I’m sorry, am I the only one who thinks that we have erased the principle of separating clients into advertising and sales consulting? They always get mixed up sooner or later. Maybe it makes sense to run them into the same funnel at the entrance?” a suggestion came up at a late-night board meeting.

Colleagues catch the idea:
“Since we have a poor understanding of management and how to set this up properly, let’s get right to the point: Let’s come up with a new name for the new business, shall we? Just something more respectable, so they stop calling about shitty business cards?”

“For ourselves, we’ll be making it up again for a year. Maybe we can look for something among the unaccepted client variants?”

“For example, there is the Well Spring School. Some oil consultants were tendered for it, remember? It’s snappy and a little solid, but not too much.”

“It’s pretty good! Like old skool, only the other way around: something fountain-like. Plus with conservative connotations about school and knowledge. I love it!”

“We even drew a logo design for the logo once.”

“It’s good enough for us!”

“Would anyone mind?”

“Somebody coordinate it with the executives. And I’ll go and write a lead for the news.”

Well Spring School advertising agency was founded in Kaliningrad in 2006. The agency was organized as a result of the merger of the consulting firm Schnellreich and the design studio RAH.

The company provides a full range of advertising services. The main specialization is to provide market launch of new products and sales promotion campaigns. The head office is located in Kaliningrad, additional offices in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

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