SCH Fund published X50 annual report for business year 2019-20

SCH Fund issued the annual report of the X50 fund for business year 2019-20. The report presents the fund’s financial results, updated portfolio and plan for the next fiscal year.

TL;DR: The Fund is going to ride a wave of DeFi.

In spite of the fact that during the reporting period the price of the underlying asset decreased by 43.7% (from 555.35 to 42.71), the fund’s portfolio has shown positive dynamics again.

In the underlying asset the price of the share for the financial year increased by 72% and amounted to 0.32 ETH on 31/05/2020. In fiat terms, the share price rose by 64% over the year and finally exceeded its starting price by 17%. (8.5% per annum in USD, just like the adult).

In accordance with the updated strategy, positions in undeveloped projects and stock exchange liabilities were fully or partially closed. The available funds are gradually directed to decentralized debt markets.

At the end of the reporting period the portfolio has the following structure:

The full version of the press release and terms and conditions of the fund are available to investors of the fund in their personal cabinet.

It is impossible to become an investor of the fund.

SCH Fund is a sovereign, anonymous venture investment mutual fund. It was founded in 2017 on the Internet. The fund focuses on investments in projects and teams that develop Web3 technologies.

X50 is a showcase fund created by SCH Fund as a conservative benchmark for investment in Web3 projects. The fund was launched in May 2018 with a starting price of 0.1 ETH. The underlying asset of the fund is ETH.

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