Exchange of fiat currencies for digital assets

Worldwide authorized agents network provides brokerage services for buying/selling digital assets.

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The exchange process is conducted in accordance with

Some fundamental principles and rules of the protocol:

  • deal safety is paramount;
  • transactions are strictly confidential (agents are not authorized to run AML procedures);
  • the deal process should provide maximum convenience and comfort to the client;
  • first liquidity comes from the customer;
  • in regulated jurisdictions, transactions are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the local regulator;
  • in jurisdictions where this is not specifically prohibited, all purchases and sales of digital assets are made as traditional civil law agreements between individuals (p2p);
  • if it is technically possible, preference is given to the remote method of transaction or delivery;
  • delivery is made in accordance with traditional security protocols for the collection of cash and valuable cargo;
  • appointments shall be held at bank offices or public places. Transactions in private offices, residential, industrial or warehouse premises are prohibited.

The whole suite of organizational and technical protection measures aimed at ensuring the security of transactions and neutralizing unacceptable risk in their execution is presented on the protocol page.

Current indicative* rate of buy/sell digital assets** for p2p transactions (updated minutely):

Buy Sell Overnight
USDT/USDC/DAI $0.98 $1.02 $0.7

The following fiat instruments are available for transactions today:

* Any prices, figures and tickers on this page are given for information purposes and are not meant to be a public offer. The direct rate will be set by the agents depending on the volume, urgency and chosen jurisdiction for the trade.

** The listing of assets available for buy/sell is not limited by the table below. The full range includes about 6,000 items.