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§ 8800. On the culture of phone calls

No wonder that even quarantine and lock-down measures did not teach people of the basics of distance work and the culture of phone calls.

In order not to be heard as cultureless, there are only three rules to remember.

First: everything that can be written must be written. Do not send important information by voice. It is highly unprofessional.

Secondly, the efficiency of a telephone conversation is inversely proportional to the time spent on it. Accordingly, long calls should be evaluated as a demonstration of inability to formulate their own thoughts. It is necessary to try to avoid.

Third: people do not care about you. Face it. People are only interested in the benefits you can bring them. Before outgoing call, you should ask yourself what value you are going to provide? And put the phone down.

Therefore, to increase the efficiency of any incoming call, it is useful to warn the caller that the phone battery is almost discharged and can turn off at any time.