Rus Eng

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!
Kobayashi Issa

In autumn 2006 in Kaliningrad was founded sales promotion agency.


Launch of design studio and advertising agency. Actively growing partnership network.

Offices and representatives were opened in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl and even London.

Unexpectedly celebrate the global financial crisis.


Clients cut budgets, things are shrinking.

Moving head office to Moscow.

Helping regional vendors to enter new markets. Getting acquainted with federal retail chains and distridution networks.

Helping to establish the first direct contracts with Auchan, X5 and Lenta. Arrange product supplies to the Army and Rosrezerv.


Age of new technologies.

The stream of client start-up production: creating social networks and services, portals and mobile applications.

Assist with strategy, launch, user involvement, implement flexible methodologies and lean production.

Discovering the world of venture capital investments.


Consulting clients to enter western and eastern markets.

Making local products adapted to global requirements, expanding into local and international marketplaces, helping with user involvement, fullfilment and new international partnerships.

Advising IT-companies on sales to large enterprise and financial sector.

Automating all routine processes for small and medium businesses.


A crypto currency boom.

Finding pearls among thousands of fantastic projects, suitable for use in the real economy and traditional legal framework.

Assist SMEs to optimize their accounting, financial and tax planning in accordance with new technological capabilities.