Central Bank of Russia Added Karma to the Registry of the Operators of Investment Platforms

Central Bank of Russia added Karma to the Registry of the Operators of Investment Platforms.

Karma is now operating fully legal, in compliance with current Federal Laws. Plus, we’re now reporting to the Central Bank of Russia and credit bueraus.

Karma’s team still working on research about how to allow non-Russian investors to participate in platform’s high-yield fixed-income investment programs (up to 20% annual percentage rate in RUB).

It’s interesting that one of Karma’s founders, George, has actively participated in creating the 259 Federal Law about the investment platforms, being a vice-chairman of the Experts Chamber at the Russian Parliament.

Karma is an investment platform where private and professional investors can lend to businesses online while keeping a risk premium. In Russia, the company is regulated by 259-FZ.

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