Karma became an official Thomson Reuters partner

Today Karma and Thomson Reuters signed a partnership contract for the SME market development in The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Thomson Reuters is a global media holding, started the in 1851 in London as a business transmitting stock market quotations. Now it’s worldwide famous financial analytics corporation that has such competitors as Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Pearson.

The new partnership of Karma and Thomson Reuters will accelerate SME developing in MENA region. The new portal provides an access to the resources, support and partnership opportunities for the SMEs, that’ll be able to obtain startup guidance, business intelligence, community integration, financing or workflow solutions.

Karma will appear as a service provider at the Thomson Reuters Accelerate SME portal in 1–2 months and will act as a liquidity providing operator for the SMEs in MENA region.

«We believe that this is a significant step for both Karma and Thomson Reuters. Such partnership can create a lot of new opportunities for the SMEs and will simplify access to such a vital thing for business as liquidity. Moreover, Karma will enter the MENA market, and Accelerate SME will obtain a reliable fintech partner,» said Karma’s representative George Goognin.

Karma is an investment platform where private and professional investors can lend to businesses online while keeping a risk premium. In Russia, the company is regulated by 259-FZ.

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