Schnellreich Entry Market Advisory (SCH.EMA)

The work of sales management and support reaches a new level. The algorithm developed by the agency for entering new markets over the past two years has been successfully tested and optimized. And now it is ready for scaling.

From now on, the Sales Division is separated from the agency business and gets full autonomy. All tasks related to consulting on entering new markets are allocated to a separate business — Schnellreich Entry Market Advisory (SCH.EMA). The delicate assignment department is also transferred to the new structure.

WSS Agency is still in the advertising business.

Pavel Skvortsov was appointed head of the Scheme. Pavel’s task in his new position will be to expand the range of services provided by the new agency and enter new markets.

“As one of the founders of the agency, I am incredibly happy to observe this event,” commented on the news Dmitry Schnellreich. “After all, it was with sales services we started five years ago. It is obvious now that we acted a little bit too fast then. The market was not ready for our approach. And we had to invest a lot in proving our hypothesis. And I want to thank my colleagues one more time for getting us where we are today. Yay!”

“Why should I comment on anything else here? If someone doesn’t understand something, let them reread it,” the newly promoted leader, Mr. Skvortsov, expressed his emotions about the changes.

All terms and client commitments previously undertaken by the agency are still in force.

Well Spring School Agency (WSS) was founded in Kaliningrad in 2006. The agency provides the whole range of advertising services. Its main specialization is providing product launches to new markets and sales promotion campaigns. The main office is in Moscow, with additional offices in Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod and Yaroslavl.

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